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Course Change Policy

Course Drop Procedures

The following information can also be found on page 35 of the Student Handbook  (Student Handbook)

Students should select classes carefully and consult with their counselor and parent during course selections. Students may not drop classes after completing the enrollment process unless one of the following occurs:

  • The student does not meet pre-requisites for the course.
  • The student provides documentation of previously passing the course.
  • The student’s request to take a more rigorous course is granted.
  • The student must take an alternate course for the purpose of meeting a graduation requirement that cannot be taken at another time.
  • The student enrolls in a Marketing or Approved Work-study program that requires the student’s schedule to be reduced.
  • The student enrolls in a Vocational (HCC, ST, etc.) program requiring a reduced schedule.
  • The student need to enroll in a course required for a Vocational program (HCC, ST, etc.) and cannot take the course at another time.
  • The student enrolls in a comparable or more rigorous course at a college or university (enrollment is the course must occur at the start of the appropriate academic semester).
  • The student has a verifiable medical issue preventing participation in the course.
  • The student fails to meet any MSHSAA eligibility requirements associated with the course.
  • The student’s IEP team determines the course to be inappropriate for the student (such decisions must be related to the disability needs of the student). 
  • The student was enrolled in the course as a result of a clerical or computer error.
  • The student demonstrates extensive work outside the regular school day over an extended period of time (i.e. tutoring, study session, etc.). Student must make a sincere effort and sustain work outside of school day to show progress.

These requests MUST be discussed with a counselor and approved by the principal. Any student who drops a course during the first twenty (20) days for any reason other than those listed above will receive a Withdrawal/Fail— “F” on his/her transcript for the course. Any course that is dropped after the first twenty days of the course will receive a Withdrawal/Fail— “F” on the transcript regardless of the reason. Courses consisting of two (2) semesters will receive a Withdrawal/Fail— “F” on the transcript for any incomplete semesters. Students who drop a course, regardless of the reason, may not enroll in another course after the first twenty (20) days of the course. Students who drop a course, but fail to meet any of the requirements listed above will not be allowed to enroll in a replacement course and will have to go on a reduced schedule. Students who drop a course as a result of one of the items listed above will only be eligible to enroll in a replacement course if one is available. Please refer to the following guidelines for exceptions to the above stated policy: Any student who completed a course and received an F may repeat the course. If the student repeats the course and earns a higher grade, the higher grade will be entered on the transcript and the GPA will be recalculated with the higher grade. However, the original grade will remain on the transcript.